Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 12

I completed a couple more of the Black Hat figures last night. They have actually been done for a couple of days but just awaiting their bases to be done. There is something about doing bases that really bores me so that seems to get left

Firstly is another of the warrior princess figures, these really are lovely sculpts

click picture to enlarge

The second figure is the last one left from the heroes pack 2

click picture to enlarge

This leaves me two more princesses, the Sandy figure from the Monkey pack, one hero plus a mounted hero on a dragon horse left to paint to clear all of the figures I have bought

Once they are done I have three new figure packs, that my friend Steve, passed onto me. Oh and there is Salute in two days time so I might have something new after that <sigh>


  1. Love the guy on maracas!
    Lovely colour palette. See you at Salute ;-)