Saturday, 28 April 2012

Games Planning

So, this week I sat down with my fellow collaborator, Steve, at the Wells club and we discussed some ideas for games we want to run. 

One set of games we both have been wanting to do for a while are based on the Left4Dead (1&2) computer game. It's an excellent co-op zombie shoot-em-up that should lend itself to some great scenario based games. 

Already having a small horde of suitable figures, it should be relatively easy to knock a few linked games together for some select players. I even recently completed a set of figures to represent the characters from the first version of the game.

click picture to enlarge

From the left, Francis, Bill, Zoey & Louis. The first three are Reaper figures with some modifications and the last is a Hasslefree figure with a tie added.

We are going to try the Crooked Dice 7ombieTV rules in a few weeks to see if they will do what we want!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A New Beginning

Everyone else seems to have a blog for their gaming hobby now a days so I thought I would give it a go.

This will be part paintlog, part gaming report, part musing and part anything else that doesn't fit in the other areas...

So, to begin with, a photo of the last figures painted. These are Flintloque figures from Alternative Armies, and are the very limited edition set of The Gingerbread Men. I like quirky figures and these definitely fall into that category!

click picture to enlarge

These are the first Flintloque figures I've painted in a long time but they have made me think about doing something with my collection. I'm considering using the Songs of Drums & Shakos rules from Ganesha Games that I already have