Thursday, 1 August 2013

15mm Desert Buildings

I made my annual visit to the Devizes wargame show a couple of weekends ago. Knowing that I have quite a lot of figures still to paint I made a ruling that I wouldn't buy any new ones. So instead, these 15mm desert buildings from The Scene caught my eye and I picked up the first three they do in the range

Quick and easy to paint with a basecoat followed by a couple of drybrush layers, the only details I needed to pick out were the roof hatches. Painting time including varnishing was only a couple of hours - result!

click picture to enlarge

2/8/2013 - Forgot to mention that the roofs lift out to allow access to the interiors. The floors are scribed a with large square pattern

Flintloque: Orc Chaplain

I dug out another one of the Flintloque limited edition figures to paint a few months ago. He sat under-coated on the painting queue waiting for his time to come and I decided it was here this week

This is an orc (British) chaplain from the very limited range that is limited to just 250 castings. A chunky figure that required very little cleaning beyond removing a couple light mould lines. Painted similar to the example on the Alternative Armies website as I couldn't find any other colour details

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