Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 9

I'm still painting through the Black Hat Chinese mythology figures for this month, here are another couple that I've just finished

First is another figure from the Journey into the West/Monkey pack. This is the pig spirit (Pigsy in the old Monkey TV series) and joins the monk I painted previously

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The second figure is a generic hero figure from the Heroes pack 3. He looks like a swordmaster to me

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More to follow ..

Friday, 22 March 2013

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 8

Just a quick update with another couple of the Chinese mythology figures completed

The first of these two figures is from the Chinese Heroes 2 pack and the other one is from the 3 pack. I've painted them similar to the palace guards I finished a few days ago, doing this means they can be used as officer figures if needed

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More to come soon!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mid-Somerset Wargames Club 7/3/2013 - 17/3/2013

A catch-up to post some photos from games that happened at the Wells club over the past week or two

Starting off with the night of Thursday the 7th, I ran a small two player games of Fear & Faith from Ganesha Games. This was just a simple meet & fight affair to re-familiarise ourselves with the rules after a long break. I'm going to run a Gothic Horror series of scenarios so wanted to give them a brief outing

A pair of hunters plus canine support escorted two scared villagers back home

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They were jumped by a pair of wolves who, due to some impressive dice rolling, ate both hunters in 45 minutes! Still, it was enough to relearn the rules basics really for the full games

The following week saw another outing of Steve Jone's XCOM game. This time Steve had assembled some of his lovely laser-cut buildings from Micro Art Studios & Warmill. They will look even better with some paint on!

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There was also a multi-player 20mm WW2 game happening that night. I think it was Stalingrad by the photo but don't quote me on it ..

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Lastly, usually once a month a group of us try to get together for a longer period boardgame session. This time we had a go at A Touch of Evil, by Flying Frog Productions, complete with both add-on supplements attached. If you are unfamiliar with this game think Sleepy Hollow with the characters working together against a supernatural horror of some sort (werewolf, scarecrow man etc.)

This time we drew the headless horseman himself. The game started badly as on the first turn one player managed to call a final showdown that usually happens much, much later in the game. Needless to say this wasn't fun but we survived (just). After that the game just kept hitting us with curses, monsters and all sorts of badness. We did finally faceoff against the horseman but he was so powerful we got our heads handed to us. Oh well, next time :(

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 7

Perhaps I should have headed this post 'the return'? 

Apart from getting back to the Black Hat Chinese mythology figures after a bit of a gap, I had to have a painting break for a week or so. It appears that the bang on my head that I received didn't clear as quick as I had thought. I have suffered with several headaches and some eye problem so kept away from painting, computer gaming etc. Everything seems much better now though so it's time to return to normal. Take a tip from me, don't stand up fast underneath a wall mounted cupboard ..

March is as much about forcing myself to paint some stalled projects as anything. I thought I only had a few more packs of these Chinese mythology figures left to paint but on checking I have a lot more than I thought. It doesn't look like I'll be finishing all of these this month

So, to begin with here are the four figures from the palace guards 1 pack. There is a second pack that I can get in the future if I want to bulk these out with more sculpts

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mice In Space - The Sequel

The first figure(s) of March's clearing plan were completed last night. As usual, I went for the biggest one that required the most work first ..

When I bought the retro space mouslings from Reaper a while back, I didn't just get the single pack, I got the limited edition set that included the additional bug eyed monster they are fighting against

Having painted the three foot figures earlier in January, this left this beast to do. Basing it on a 60mm diameter MDF base I had in the bits box, I assembled and painted it over a period of three days. I love the poor mousling red shirt in the tentacle!

click picture to enlarge

Painted mainly using Vallejo colours with a few P3 colours added

Friday, 1 March 2013

Flintloque: Foul Mouth Freddy

Following on from the Bushido Bakemono, and wanting a change, I dug into the lead mountain and grabbed a limited edition Flintloque figure to paint

This is another one limited to just 250 castings and is based on the character Foul Mouth Freddy that appears in several online stories. He represents an orc sergeant in the Albion army

click picture to enlarge

I have found three more of these limited Flintloque figures to paint so will try and get them finished as well

As it is now the beginning of March, I need to think about my pledge for 2013 and what to concentrate on this month. Do I start the Flames of War Russians or not? After much thought (not helped by banging my head and getting mild concussion - don't ask ..) I have decided to spend this month completing several near-finished projects

So, this will be March ..

1. Three Bakemono to finish all of the Bushido project
2. One mousling still left from the set I painted in January
3. Three Flintloque limited edition figures
4. A Westwind headless horseman for my forthcoming Gothic Horror games at Wells
5. All of the remaining Chinese Mythology figures

Even if I don't complete all of these, I will be starting work on the Russians the beginning of April!