Friday, 1 March 2013

Flintloque: Foul Mouth Freddy

Following on from the Bushido Bakemono, and wanting a change, I dug into the lead mountain and grabbed a limited edition Flintloque figure to paint

This is another one limited to just 250 castings and is based on the character Foul Mouth Freddy that appears in several online stories. He represents an orc sergeant in the Albion army

click picture to enlarge

I have found three more of these limited Flintloque figures to paint so will try and get them finished as well

As it is now the beginning of March, I need to think about my pledge for 2013 and what to concentrate on this month. Do I start the Flames of War Russians or not? After much thought (not helped by banging my head and getting mild concussion - don't ask ..) I have decided to spend this month completing several near-finished projects

So, this will be March ..

1. Three Bakemono to finish all of the Bushido project
2. One mousling still left from the set I painted in January
3. Three Flintloque limited edition figures
4. A Westwind headless horseman for my forthcoming Gothic Horror games at Wells
5. All of the remaining Chinese Mythology figures

Even if I don't complete all of these, I will be starting work on the Russians the beginning of April!


  1. Lovely Stuff Auton!

    Great paint work on Freddy. I will post a link to this on the Notables Yahoo Group so Flintloque players can come and see it.


  2. Great work. I'm glad you like the miniature.

    Look out for further Foul Mouth Freddy stories very soon - very soon indeed.