Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dr Who: Sontarans

When I went to Salute earlier this year, I pre-ordered a small contingent of Heresy Miniatures new Sharclon figures for collection. These are obviously heavily based on the design of the Sontaran clone warriors in the new Dr Who series (hence why I bought them!) I quick prep and paint job last week saw all seven of them finished ready for deployment and a glorious death!

There is a only single trooper plus an officer type with a pistol produced to date. However, due to the heads being separate castings some variation can be produced with a slight head twist. Also the officer comes with three different heads, helmeted plus two different bare heads. To create a little variation I placed one of these on a trooper figure

They are quite short, think dwarf height but stocky little blighter's

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Relics: Nuem Dedicatus

And I'm back. I took last week off of work as my mother retired from work on the previous Friday and I was needed to do a few odd jobs & garden related things for her. As the weather was not too bad I also managed to get stuck into some big garden projects for myself. About 50 foot of privet hedge had it's first cut this year, a job that involved more work clearing up than the actual cutting ..

Anyway, whilst I was off I did a little bit of painting so I'll upload these over the next few days

First off, another one of the Relics figures from the Nuem starter set that I began a short while ago. This one is a Dedicatus, a figure surgically emplanted into an armoured suit for combat

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This leaves me three more figures to complete this set. I made a start on assembling them last night in preparation

Thursday, 9 May 2013

World of Twilight: Eragu

Back into the painting mood I grabbed another one of the World of Twilight figures I have accumulated. This one is a limited resin release I purchased via Pyre Studios (the WoT webshop), although it now looks like a couple more have since been released to add to him

The Eragu is native of the frozen wastes of the north of the world. He is noticeably bigger than his smaller Fubarnii cousins and seem to favour stone & wood weaponry

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Now that I'm back painting, I need to consider what I should do next. There is the pledge that I set myself but I seem to have gone way off track due to various issues like my eye problems ..

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

World of Twilight: Enuks

Feeling like I wanted to paint something after my enforced break, I scanned about the Lead Mountain for something easy & simple to paint

My attention was drawn to a small pile of ziplock bags containing numerous figures from the World of Twilight range. Now, if you haven't heard of this (no, it's not sparkly vampires), it's a fantasy world setting with refreshingly non elf & orc populations. Instead there are unique races called Furbarnii, Delgon & Devanu plus numerous other weird & wonderful creations

I'd bought quite a few of these when the range was launched and have added the odd new one as time went on. Sadly, I'd only managed to paint three figures but seeing the stand & game on at Salute this year has enthused me to paint some more

So, here are a pair of enuk (think horses in this world). Simple paint jobs but nice & easy to start again with

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Here are the previous figures that I managed to get painted before my interest was drawn elsewhere ..
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