Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Robot Santa

Arriving just a bit late for the festive season, here's another one of Armorcast's robot townies miniatures. Again obviously influenced by Futurama, this one is Robot Santa. A large figure, he comes in three parts (arms separate) with a 30mm base but I have pinned him to a 40mm resin base as it suits the size of the figure better

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Whilst I was putting some paint on him I quickly painted these resin tree stumps that also came from Armorcast, just to get them done & out of the way

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Now, back to the Firestorm Invasion painting ..

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mice In Space!

A few more figures that I painted at the beginning of the month, uploaded whilst I work on the Firestorm Invasion force

These are from Reaper Miniatures are are part of a limited set they released that came with a tentacled space beasties (still to be painted) They are quite diminutive at under 25mm tall but are packed with character. They come with separate heads/helmets to allow some variety of finished figures

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Flintloque: Villiam Bedsforc the Bombardier

As I'm now working on my Firestorm Invasion force, with the aim to get them ready for a game early in February, updates will be a bit quieter. I withheld posting the few figures that I finished during the first week of the month. I'll post these in a drip feed way to have some posts whilst I complete the FI miniatures

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This is another one of the very limited edition figures that Alternative Armies have released for Flintloque & Slaughterloo. These are limited to castings of only 250 figures so tend to sell out quite quickly. Flintloque figures are very matter of choice, you either love or hate them

This chap is Villiam Bedsforc the Bombardier and anyone here in the UK will probably recognise him as based on the Rik Mayall character for Bombardier beer. Sculpted by Tony on the Dampf's Modelling Page, check it out for some excellent work!

Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 Pledge

So, what am I planning on doing in 2013? 

I have noted, that the blog has turned into a paintlog recently so my first aim is to get some game reports online. I do have to make sure I have my camera with me at a game, I always seem to forget to pack it. I'm planning on doing some more smaller skirmish / roleplay style games as they seem to be popular

1. The first aim is to get the Firestorm Invasion force painted by the end of January. We have a game pencilled in for early February so I need to achieve this, I must get those brushes I need tomorrow!

2. I have 20 or so odds & ends of things left to paint to clear the painting table. These range from the remaining Chinese mythology figures, Bushido, 7TV and even some mouslings. If I can clear these before the end of February then I'll be on a good path

3. Finally, and the biggie, a couple of years back I started on a Soviet Flames of War force. These have sat untouched in blisters but filling three drawers of a cabinet. So, my aim is to get to work on them and actually play a game
4. To break up the Soviet challenge, I still have a small collection of Warmachine Khador figures that need painting. I will be hitting a few of these every month to get them cleared

That still leaves a few things I haven't mentioned. There are the Dreadball figures & when they arrive, the Relic Knights ones. I also have a set of the GW Hobbit game on the way (yes, I saw the film then bought the game). I will pencil them in here and there to get them done sometime. Like all gamers, I have plenty of other 'stock' that needs painting so I won't run out in a hurry

Now all I have to do is stick to the plan ..


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Last Painting of 2012

I planned so much painting for the holiday break but it seemed to go so fast I never got anywhere near completed what I was hoping to. The biggest failure was the Firestorm Invasion set I was planning, I completely forgot to get some larger brushes to paint the vehicles with. I must try and get some this weekend when I get to a model shop ..

Still, here is my last mixed bag of figures for 2012. No real plan on what to paint, just grabbed some figures that I fancied getting done

First up is the last of Crooked Dice's Timelift agents I have, converted using the weapon/helmet/backpack option into a specialist weapon trooper

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Next we have Olag Gan, again from Crooked Dice. He is another of their not Blake's 7 characters that they have started doing. Just waiting for more to appear now

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This beauty is a limited edition figure from Soda Pop Miniatures, Candy & Cola. They are in the middle of the designs for their Relic Knights game that I have Kickstarter backed and should be having delivered in a few months time

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Next we have another of the scary clowns that I started on a few months ago for 7TV games. This one comes from Comfy Chair Games and is from their Spinespur dark horror game setting. I wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night!

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Finally, a pair of figures from Mantic Game's Dreadball sports game that I again backed via Kickstarter (I really must refrain from doing so many this year). The game arrived just before Christmas so I haven't had much of a chance to do much yet. The one surprise were the figures are closer to 25mm that I had imagined, certainly smaller than any of the figures shown above ..

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These are No88, a special player you can 'buy' for your team and the refbot. Obviously I now have a lot of these figures to paint <sigh>