Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 Pledge

So, what am I planning on doing in 2013? 

I have noted, that the blog has turned into a paintlog recently so my first aim is to get some game reports online. I do have to make sure I have my camera with me at a game, I always seem to forget to pack it. I'm planning on doing some more smaller skirmish / roleplay style games as they seem to be popular

1. The first aim is to get the Firestorm Invasion force painted by the end of January. We have a game pencilled in for early February so I need to achieve this, I must get those brushes I need tomorrow!

2. I have 20 or so odds & ends of things left to paint to clear the painting table. These range from the remaining Chinese mythology figures, Bushido, 7TV and even some mouslings. If I can clear these before the end of February then I'll be on a good path

3. Finally, and the biggie, a couple of years back I started on a Soviet Flames of War force. These have sat untouched in blisters but filling three drawers of a cabinet. So, my aim is to get to work on them and actually play a game
4. To break up the Soviet challenge, I still have a small collection of Warmachine Khador figures that need painting. I will be hitting a few of these every month to get them cleared

That still leaves a few things I haven't mentioned. There are the Dreadball figures & when they arrive, the Relic Knights ones. I also have a set of the GW Hobbit game on the way (yes, I saw the film then bought the game). I will pencil them in here and there to get them done sometime. Like all gamers, I have plenty of other 'stock' that needs painting so I won't run out in a hurry

Now all I have to do is stick to the plan ..



  1. Some great plans look forward to seeing...well all of it to be honest.

  2. I found my simple Pledge - to paint some more figures - prompted me to reduce my own lead mountain.

    The January 2013 Pledge is the Poteen Still and I have a Flash Gordon miniature planned for February. Maybe a Flintloque regiment for March?

    Keep up the great work - remember one step at a time.

    Good Luck