Friday, 29 August 2014

Deadzone: Plague 1A

I treated myself to a copy of the Deadzone game from Mantic Games a while ago. With all the health issues I have had recently, a spot of retail therapy can do you th eworld of good!

I spent a day or so cleaning and assembling most of the figures from the two factions but this is the first one to have paint applied. It's the leader type for the plague faction (think mutated humans) and is probably the figure that sold me on getting the game

Standing 60mm tall he's a big chap with plenty of detail that easily picks up dry brushing and washing. I went for a slightly darker scheme than the Mantic one, I just didn't like the bright colours they used but that's just me

 click picture to enlarge

Not sure what will be next to be painted, watch this space..

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meet My Minions!

Some figures just ask to be bought and painted. These were one such case, Mini Helpers from Sergeant Major Miniatures, obviously inspired by certain characters from certain movies..

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More random painted stuff in a few days

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Atomic Cafe: Kit Kat Club

A while ago I picked up quite a few of the Atomic Cafe range from Brigade Games. North Star Miniatures, here in the UK were having a sale (it looks like they have now cleared their stock), and seeing as it had peeked my interest a while back I decided it was too good not to indulge..

I had painted up one figure (Hef) from this pack already and decided I wanted something frivolous to paint so decided it was time for the girls. I followed the colour schemes they used in the rules, I could have done them all the same but liked the variety

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Friday, 8 August 2014

A Couple More Gothic Horror Figures

A quick update with a couple of Gothic Horror figures that I have finally got completed. These are from SHQ Miniatures and are part of the Victorian vampire hunters pack. There are only three more figures still to paint to finish them, and all of my outstanding Gothic Horror figures. Now there's an incentive!

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Once again, thanks to my work colleague Tom for the photography on these

Friday, 1 August 2014

Starship Troopers 1

The internet can be a wondrous place for a wargamer, it can also be dangerous..

There I was, just browsing my blog reader looking at all of the blogs I follow, when I spotted Dust, Tears & Dice and the Starship Trooper games that Stuart there has been gaming. Now, that was bad enough, however several years ago, my gaming buddy Steve and myself had discussed the possibility of doing a game ourselves

Steve had purchased some bugs from the now OOP miniatures game from Mongoose and I had picked up some not-mobile infantry from 1st Corps. These are more 25mm scale than modern heroic 28mm, however they are readily available and cheap. They sat mostly unpainted (I had painted the TV crew for some reason) since their purchase but seeing Stuart's ones on his blog got me unearthing my figures from the Lead Mountain

I painted these relatively quickly, block painting the uniforms and washing and dry brushing details. I could have spent longer on them but there is only so much you can do with black & grey..

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Of course, I have now ordered and received a new lot of figures from 1st Corps to add to these plus a couple of the APC's from Daemonscape that Stuart suggested. Will this madness ever end?

Don't answer that..