Friday, 29 August 2014

Deadzone: Plague 1A

I treated myself to a copy of the Deadzone game from Mantic Games a while ago. With all the health issues I have had recently, a spot of retail therapy can do you th eworld of good!

I spent a day or so cleaning and assembling most of the figures from the two factions but this is the first one to have paint applied. It's the leader type for the plague faction (think mutated humans) and is probably the figure that sold me on getting the game

Standing 60mm tall he's a big chap with plenty of detail that easily picks up dry brushing and washing. I went for a slightly darker scheme than the Mantic one, I just didn't like the bright colours they used but that's just me

 click picture to enlarge

Not sure what will be next to be painted, watch this space..

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  1. Very nice. Did he take long if its all drybrushing and inks? MM.