Friday, 1 August 2014

Starship Troopers 1

The internet can be a wondrous place for a wargamer, it can also be dangerous..

There I was, just browsing my blog reader looking at all of the blogs I follow, when I spotted Dust, Tears & Dice and the Starship Trooper games that Stuart there has been gaming. Now, that was bad enough, however several years ago, my gaming buddy Steve and myself had discussed the possibility of doing a game ourselves

Steve had purchased some bugs from the now OOP miniatures game from Mongoose and I had picked up some not-mobile infantry from 1st Corps. These are more 25mm scale than modern heroic 28mm, however they are readily available and cheap. They sat mostly unpainted (I had painted the TV crew for some reason) since their purchase but seeing Stuart's ones on his blog got me unearthing my figures from the Lead Mountain

I painted these relatively quickly, block painting the uniforms and washing and dry brushing details. I could have spent longer on them but there is only so much you can do with black & grey..

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Of course, I have now ordered and received a new lot of figures from 1st Corps to add to these plus a couple of the APC's from Daemonscape that Stuart suggested. Will this madness ever end?

Don't answer that..

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