Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Hobbit: Master of Laketown & Azog

Another couple more figures from my lonely mountain of Hobbit lead. This time it's the Master of Laketwon, as portrayed by Stephen Fry and Azog the Despoiler

Both are Finecast miniatures, the master is definitly the better of the two as he has a lot more detail and looks just like the actor. Obviously Azog won't as in the films he is CGI of course..

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That's my Hobbit itch scratched for now. I've been busily prepping, assembling and basing a small collection of figures ready for the next painting blitz though

Friday, 24 October 2014

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 18

Well, sort of. It's not one of the range sold by Black Hat but a figure from the Kensei range from Zenit Miniatures

As soon as I saw the first photo of this figure I knew I had to add him to my collection. Not only would he slot into the Dragon Kings setting but he has a passing resemblance to the bad guys from the film 'Big Trouble in Little China' with that straw hat

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Hobbit: Tauriel & Thranduil

Kicking off my start back with painting, here are a couple of GW figures from the Hobbit films. It was because I rewatched the DVD of the first film that got me digging these figures out to paint. They were bought just after the second film came out nearly a year ago (although I didn't pay the price that GW sells them for..)

The first figure, Tauriel, is the female elf lead. The figure is a plastic kit that went together easily enough but to me the details seem a bit soft

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The next figure is of the elven king. It's cast in GW's resin, Finecast. Whilst the detail is better, I'm not a fan of Finecast as it flexes easily, is very light and on thin parts has a tendancy to break. I didn't find any of the horror stories regarding air bubbles on this casting but there were a couple that needed sorting

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More photos tomorrow!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Painting Mojo Rediscovered

Yes, it's been quiet, too quiet, but I've finally rediscovered my painting mojo and have been splashing some paint around

Expect an update over the next couple of days, I just need to finish off some bases and then do some photography..