Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Painting

A belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy Hew Year!

As I haven't had any spare time over the Christmas break until now, I've finally got my latest painted figures photographed. A few more Lord of the Rings figures, just to clear that 'itch' for a while

First up, Sam & Frodo in orc armour. One of those figure sets I've been after for a while and finally got them from America, via eBay of all places

click picture to enlarge

Next is a set I've had sitting around for ages, since they came attached to the long out of print Battle Games in Middle Earth magazine. That was an excellent publication, apart from the free figures bundled with each issue it included new rules, scenarios & terrain building articles. Something that the current official White Dwarf magazine is lacking in my opinion..

Anyway, here is farmer Maggot and his dogs, Fang, Grip & Wolf

click picture to enlarge

So, time for a painting project change!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Hobbit

Finally, I managed to get those better photos done for the blog. The light at the moment is bad what with the awful weather we're having..

It was the Mid-Somerset Wargames painting competition last Thursday and these were my entry in the group/unit category. I was fortunate enough to win that category and also to take the overall win for the competition

These took a while to do, each one being so unique means the painting time was much more than normal. They are of course, Games Workshop plastics from the box set they released for the first Hobbit film last year

click pictures to enlarge

I have a few more Lord of the Rings / Hobbit figures I want to paint then I'll move onto something else for a change

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

LotR: Goldberry

This should have been a big update for what I've been painting but the photo's came out rubbish so I need to reshoot them :(

Instead, it's just a single painted figure. Another Lord of the Rings one, Goldberry the water spirit

I've been after this particular figure for ages, it only came in the Fog On The Barrow Downs box set. I also try to get figures in metal if at all possible

click picture to enlarge

I'll try and get the reshot photo's in the next day or so..

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Display Cabinets

A quick heads-up for any UK based painters/gamers who want somewhere to display their painted figures. On Monday 16th December, Lidl's will once again be selling two sizes of beech effect glass cabinets

Small version is £29.99 or two for £55 link

Large version is £59.99 or two for £110 link