Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Hobbit

Finally, I managed to get those better photos done for the blog. The light at the moment is bad what with the awful weather we're having..

It was the Mid-Somerset Wargames painting competition last Thursday and these were my entry in the group/unit category. I was fortunate enough to win that category and also to take the overall win for the competition

These took a while to do, each one being so unique means the painting time was much more than normal. They are of course, Games Workshop plastics from the box set they released for the first Hobbit film last year

click pictures to enlarge

I have a few more Lord of the Rings / Hobbit figures I want to paint then I'll move onto something else for a change


  1. Very nicely done, and congratulations on the awards. :)

  2. These are superb and very many congratulations too. I may be tempted to get some of these for myself.

  3. Very nice, sir. Being under the weather today, I watched the "Hobbit" movie DVD. Your figures have a "life" now that I've seen the flick.