Tuesday, 17 December 2013

LotR: Goldberry

This should have been a big update for what I've been painting but the photo's came out rubbish so I need to reshoot them :(

Instead, it's just a single painted figure. Another Lord of the Rings one, Goldberry the water spirit

I've been after this particular figure for ages, it only came in the Fog On The Barrow Downs box set. I also try to get figures in metal if at all possible

click picture to enlarge

I'll try and get the reshot photo's in the next day or so..


  1. Nicely done. She looks good to my eye. :)

  2. She is lovely. If it isn't a dot on my monitor screen, I think I see a mole next to her lower lip-left side. Either way, it's original and neat.