Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 6

Turning back to the Chinese mythology figures, I completed one more last night. This figure is listed as a Chinese necromancer. Black Hat also do several packs of zombies that I must get hold of soon

As usual, I scanned around the 'net for any pictures that I could use for reference whilst painting. Not having any luck whatsoever, I had to resort to following the painted example on the Black Hat store..

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I've no idea what the staff item is supposed to be, anyone have any suggestions?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

7TV: Moonbase Alpha

Yes, I know that I said there would be more Chinese figures for the next post but it's some more 7TV cult TV ones this time

I was given a set of surplus Crooked Dice astronauts, by Steve at the Wells club, a week or two ago. I've already painted a set of these (see below) based on the Dr Who stories Silence In The Library and the follow up Forest Of The Dead. Not wanting to duplicate figures I already have done, I scanned around for something to do with them

Now, cunningly enough, Crooked Dice do a set of scientist figures (again I previously painted them) and those heads when attached to the astronaut bodies bear a striking resemblance to the three lead characters in the 1970's TV show Space: 1999. So that is what they ended up becoming

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Painted using one of the old Citadel Foundation colours for the orange for their suits plus Vallejo paints for the rest. I did change from my usual base colour to grey as it seemed to suit

Here's the three figures I previously painted, with the original heads, done up as the Albion Rocket Corporation

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Another great thing about the Crooked Dice range is the selection of heads they produce allowing you to create all sorts of wonderful figures like the one I did below :)

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 5

I finished painting another pair of the Chinese mythology figures over the weekend. Still working my way through the collection that have been waiting for paint for several years, plenty more to come

For this pair, I chose a hero armed with a chui hammer, from the Chinese Heroes III pack and a warrior princess with a flute from that pack. The chui hammer was either a large iron or bronze ball mounted on a single or double handed handle, I did this one as iron

Next up, more of the same!

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 4

Another couple more figures painted from the Black Hat Chinese mythology range. These two are the remaining pair from the vampire hunters pack

They are taking me a bit longer than normal, as each figure is so unique I can only really work on one at a time. Still, I'm slowly plodding my way on

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 3

Another update with a couple of new figures from the Chinese Mythology range from Black Hat Miniatures. The first one is another figure from the vampire hunters set I started in the last post, but this time it's the vampire himself

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As with all of these figures, I'm not really sure what colours to paint them so my schemes are based off the ones on the Black Hat site

Next to be done is a temple guardian statue, of course he will come to life..

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It might not be evident in this photo exactly how big he is, so here's a comparison with the 28mm vampire from above. He's big, I had to base him on a 50mm washer!

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