Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 13

Wanting to do something a bit different I cast my eye about the Lead Mountain for something to paint. All those figures that are parts of incomplete projects stared back at me, it's time to actually try and complete something I thought..

Now, I really enjoy painting the Chinese mythology figures but the one thing that has been nagging at the back of my mind was what rules am I going to use to game with them? I considered Mordheim from Games Workshop or a simple set of skirmish rules of my own (I still might go this route). However, Osprey are releasing a new rules set called 'A Fistful of Kung Fu'. These are aimed at Eastern movie gaming, apparently covering movies like Hero, Big Trouble In Little China, Hard Boiled etc. If this is true, I should be able to pull what I need into a working set of rules

As they are released next month (20th February) I thought I would have a go at trying to get as many of the unpainted figures done, so here we go

These Black Hat figures form the contents of the Court of the Chaos Queen plus Court Guards and were ones that my friend Steve donated to me. He bought them when I first started buying into this range but passed them on after doing nothing with them. Normally I try and research what the figures are based on but with these I had no luck so I'm afraid it was another case of replicating the paint jobs used by the manufacturer

First off, the Queen herself with servant offering up what looks like a human heart (lovely). Not exactly lookers, the females appear to have teeth/tusks protruding from their cheeks!

click picture to enlarge

Next is a male sorcerer figure complete with icon topped staff. The males have more of an orc look to them if you ask me

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Finally, for this update, these are the court guard figures. Armed with swords, halberds and dressed in heavy armour they are certainly quite fearsome!

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More to follow!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Star*Hide: Mek-Brothers

Last night I finally managed to finish off these three new figures from Killer-B Game's Star*Hide range. They seemed to sit on the painting table for days staring at me and begging for paint but I just couldn't get going on them. Still they're done now!

These three figures are robotic gunslingers with the same body & head but different weaponry. They come with standard flight bases but I shortened mine and affixed them to the usual coin bases. You can't see them very well due to the darkness under the hat brims but they actually have red slit eyes. Nice figures and a lot of fun

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Sunday, 5 January 2014


I've had these figures from Craig at Killer-B Games sitting around for quite a while. They are the start of a new retro-scifi / cowboy range that he has realeased, called Star*Hide

They are on the heroic side of 28mm scale, probably closer to 32mm to be honest, but the extra size allows for better detail in my opinion. Deadeye is bigger again at nearly 40mm whilst Zeke is a diminutive 25mm in height

Anyway, here are the first four figures from this range, in descending order you have Gil Stargazer, Rowdy Ruckbah, Deadeye the robo-bounty hunter and Zeke the robo prospector

click all pictures to enlarge

Expect some more of this range painted in a few more days..