Sunday, 5 January 2014


I've had these figures from Craig at Killer-B Games sitting around for quite a while. They are the start of a new retro-scifi / cowboy range that he has realeased, called Star*Hide

They are on the heroic side of 28mm scale, probably closer to 32mm to be honest, but the extra size allows for better detail in my opinion. Deadeye is bigger again at nearly 40mm whilst Zeke is a diminutive 25mm in height

Anyway, here are the first four figures from this range, in descending order you have Gil Stargazer, Rowdy Ruckbah, Deadeye the robo-bounty hunter and Zeke the robo prospector

click all pictures to enlarge

Expect some more of this range painted in a few more days..


  1. Very cool looking figures and I like how you've brought them to life nice one!

  2. Great little set of figures and most importantly that are very well painted. :)

  3. They are just superb, love the prospector!

  4. Wonderful figures - and very well painted. Intriguing set - will love to see the terrain/scenario. Dean

  5. Fantastic looking stuff. In particular, that robot bounty hunter is superb - I'll be getting myself one of those!