Friday, 11 January 2013

Flintloque: Villiam Bedsforc the Bombardier

As I'm now working on my Firestorm Invasion force, with the aim to get them ready for a game early in February, updates will be a bit quieter. I withheld posting the few figures that I finished during the first week of the month. I'll post these in a drip feed way to have some posts whilst I complete the FI miniatures

 click picture to enlarge

This is another one of the very limited edition figures that Alternative Armies have released for Flintloque & Slaughterloo. These are limited to castings of only 250 figures so tend to sell out quite quickly. Flintloque figures are very matter of choice, you either love or hate them

This chap is Villiam Bedsforc the Bombardier and anyone here in the UK will probably recognise him as based on the Rik Mayall character for Bombardier beer. Sculpted by Tony on the Dampf's Modelling Page, check it out for some excellent work!


  1. Superbly painted - I doff my hat to such precise brushwork - even better than my own painted Bombardier.