Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Relics: Nuem Dedicatus

And I'm back. I took last week off of work as my mother retired from work on the previous Friday and I was needed to do a few odd jobs & garden related things for her. As the weather was not too bad I also managed to get stuck into some big garden projects for myself. About 50 foot of privet hedge had it's first cut this year, a job that involved more work clearing up than the actual cutting ..

Anyway, whilst I was off I did a little bit of painting so I'll upload these over the next few days

First off, another one of the Relics figures from the Nuem starter set that I began a short while ago. This one is a Dedicatus, a figure surgically emplanted into an armoured suit for combat

click picture to enlarge

This leaves me three more figures to complete this set. I made a start on assembling them last night in preparation

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  1. That a wonderful new miniature, great work Sir.