Thursday, 1 August 2013

Flintloque: Orc Chaplain

I dug out another one of the Flintloque limited edition figures to paint a few months ago. He sat under-coated on the painting queue waiting for his time to come and I decided it was here this week

This is an orc (British) chaplain from the very limited range that is limited to just 250 castings. A chunky figure that required very little cleaning beyond removing a couple light mould lines. Painted similar to the example on the Alternative Armies website as I couldn't find any other colour details

click picture to enlarge


  1. Lovely work. Well done.

    Yours is the first of VLE08 painted that I also have seen online aside from our own. Flintloque players buy, they paint, they play but on the whole they do not blog much.