Monday, 22 July 2013

The Perfect Vehicle For A Zombie Apocalypse?

It's been too hot to paint much the last couple of weeks but I forced myself to do something ..

I'm always on the look out for vehicles and 'scatter' scenery to use in my Left4Dead style miniatures games. Up until now, most of them have been suitable diecast toys with the odd resin one thrown in

As a follower of the excellent Walking Dead TV series, I of course wanted a Winnebago to put on the table. However, finding anything that fitted was proving difficult until I stumbled over Slug Industries on the Lead Adventure Forum. Despite being a small one man & his son set-up they produce a nearly perfect candidate

A very short time after ordering (literally a couple of days) a weighty package was delivered to my door. The model consists of the main body plus a base with the wheels attached. All I had to do was glue one to the other and start painting. Casting was excellent with no visible bubbles and all pre-cleaned & sanded flat where needed

Using reference shots of the TV vehicle I went for a close approximation paint job (I did bail out painting the Winnebago 'W's on the stripes though). It's probably a little under scale but is still a hefty block on the table

click picture to enlarge

Whilst I was waiting for it to dry, I very quickly assembled and painted this laser cut signpost I added to an order from CoolMiniOrNot a while ago. It's not going to win any prizes but at only a couple of pounds it will do. The lettering was left very indistinct so it can be used in different settings and games


  1. Nice job on both love the RV.

    I'm considering ditching my 28mms zombies for 15s though as I can get more vehicles (mainly choice of vehicle) for my money and it will require less storage to.

    1. I think if I was starting from scratch I would probably go the 15mm route as well, but as I have a horde of 28mm zeds I'll stick with them

  2. Well done that man, it is a wonderful thing to work on.