Monday, 22 April 2013

Salute 2013: Counting the Cost

And I survived Salute for another year (although once again, I got a headache on the underground)

Yesterday was deliberately spent doing very little hobby related so I could just chill out and relax. However, I did take a couple of snaps of what I came back with

click picture to enlarge

At the top you can see my 'impulse buys' that I was so worried about. In the end this turned out to be a pair of buildings from Renedra. They shouldn't take too much time to assemble & paint and will give me a nice break from figures. Right of those are the seven not Sontarans I pre-ordered from Heresy. Again, colour scheme is rather easy so I can hopefully get these done quickly

Onto the bottom row, there is a Forge World catalogue I picked up for a friend and the latest DVD of back issues of Miniature Wargames magazine. I have all these in hard copy but need to clear the space, does anyone want over 300 issues before I bin them for recycling?

To the far right are the latest figures from Gary Mitchell that I will paint and photo for his website. Gary is happy to get these on a drip feed basis as I do them so there is no pressure to rush them. Finally, central are the free dice and Jason figure for attendees. Not sure what to do with him,  I can't say as I'm so excited with it being plastic this year

click picture to enlarge

This second picture shows the items I picked up from Mantic Games. As I was a Kickstarter backer they gave me some of the items that were due to be sent with the second wave, the season 2 book (more teams, players etc) and the hex bases. I did succomb and buy the vixens female team and they kindly threw in the limited edition Gabe character for me 

So total cost on the day, each of the buildings were £15 and so were the Dreadball team so that brought the damage to only £45 - phew!

It was funny, once I was there looking at all of the pretty new things to buy it dawned on me exactly how much I still have to paint. So, more resolutions are needed I think!


  1. Still a great Haul. Funny you mention the underground I use to get headaches some days on tube.

  2. Very restraint Sir, but some lovely goodies to work on; quite fancied one of those barns myself.