Monday, 15 April 2013

Mid-Somerset Wargames Club 4/4/2013

More photos from games that were played at my gaming club, the Mid-Somerset Wargamers in Wells, over the last couple of weeks

Starting off with the evening of Thursday 4th of April, Steve Jones ran not one but three simultaneous further games of his XCom campaign. Each of these were played on a card table that was just over 2 foot square and proves you don't need a huge amount of space to play a game on

The first table represented a bullet train in Tokyo, with a hidden alien bomb that needed to be found and disarmed. I was playing this game and managed to pick off the alien greys fairly easily but the appearance of a Muton made things a touch trickier. Still, an unlucky dice roll on his grenade launcher allowed me to drift the target point back towards him and so deal him some damage from his own weapon. This, followed up by a blast from my HMG gunner took him out and I could enter the large building at the back and disarm the bomb

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The next table was a section of a sewer plant in Berlin. There were several humans that had to be rescued before they could be snatched/eaten by a group of viscous Chrysalid aliens. Rich was playing this game and managed to run onto the board and trigger most of the target humans whilst only losing two or his troopers. This was a marginal victory but against those aliens he did very well ..

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The last table was down town Johannesburg with Andrew & Chris running a team that needed to extract General Peabody safely off the table. With inspired shooting they easily accomplished the mission

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Elsewhere around the club, there was a 28mm WW1 trench raid plus a microscale WW2 fleet action game (apologies there is no photo of this as it didn't come out very well) 

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