Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Relics: Nuem Pueri

I think my biggest fault as a gamer is being seduced by 'quirky' looking game settings that have accompanying figures

Last month I had one of those moments when I dropped some cash on the Tor Gaming game called Relics. Set in a weird fantasy world with stitchpunk Brittanan puppet soldiers, hulking Orcnar creatures and pain loving Nuem humanoids. It was the latter that called out to me first and I picked up a starter set to have a look at. Luckily this only consists of five figures so I won't be distracted for too long

The first figure I decided to paint was a Pueri, a mutilated (look at those leg stumps!) female magic using being. Can't tell you much else until I get hold of a rulebook & read the fluff. Hopefully I'll get a copy at Salute in a week or so's time ..

click picture to enlarge

One down, four to go!


  1. Cracking looking Nuem. This is my Britanan Puppet force. http://www.hittingonadouble1.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/tor-gaming-britanan-relics-army.html Tabletop Nation is holding a Relics tournament/gaming day on 11th May 2013. I will be at Salute as well and mostly hovering around the Crooked Dice games all day - will say hi if your about.

    1. Great looking Britanan's Carl, they might have to be my second faction (oh dear ..)

      I'll look out for you around the CD stand, I'll be after the new future freedom fighter figures myself. I'll likely be wearing a Big Bang 'Bazinga' t-shirt - say hi if you seen me glazing over looking at new figures :)