Friday, 19 April 2013

Off to Salute 2013!

Tomorrow I'm off to Salute, the biggest wargames show in UK.  This is my first visit for four or five years, as it's a bit of a haul from near Bath along the M4 to the opposite end of London I tend to only go every now & again

So what am I after at the show? 

I have a small order of Sharclon troopers (think Dr Who Sontarans) to collect from Heresy Miniatures plus some new figures from Gary Mitchell to paint for him

I'm also planning on getting the latest Miniature Wargames DVD of back issues, maybe another pack of Chinese mythology figures from Black Hat and maybe the new freedom fighter figures from Crooked Dice

That leaves me impulse buys, the bit I dread ...

If you're there and you see me wearing a red Big Bang Theory 'Bazinga' t-shirt then say hi!


  1. Don't forget the bloggers meet at 1pm. And hope to see you there.

    1. Didn't know about it until now, see you there!

  2. Have fun take lots of pics :D