Monday, 8 April 2013

Tales of the Dragon Kings: Part 10

And I'm back .. 

I had last week off of work and planned on getting so much done gaming wise but in the end achieved very little. My mother was ill with a bad virus early in the week and I ended up spending time with her or doing jobs for her. I also managed to get some work done on the garden even though the weather was damned cold. Two benches power sanded and re-stained/varnished plus a couple of lawns cut for the first time this year (it was like cutting hay!)

Anyway, enough waffling and on with the fruits of painting. I'm carrying on with the Chinese mythology theme until I've completed what I currently have. So, here are a couple more now completed

First up a hero type armoured & wielding a glaive type weapon

click picture to enlarge

And next, another figure from the Journey to the West set, Monkey himself

click picture to enlarge

More to follow!


  1. Superbly painted as always. Really nice range and your painting does them justice. Best, Dean

  2. That's a nice take on the Guan Yu mini!