Saturday, 30 June 2012

Worms: Part 1

Yes, I know I said I was going to be working on the Gruntz force but I sat there looking at the vehicles and they just didn't 'speak' to me at the time, I needed something else to paint instead...

So, digging through the lead mountain I came across several packs of worms figures I bought on a whim from MJ Figures, at Reveille in Bristol, last year. Now over 6 months seemed a long time to be sitting around so I decided to open them and apply some paint to them

Worms was a turn based computer game that was released in 1995(!) and revolved around teams of the critters armed with various different weapons attempting to eliminate one another over a computer landscape. It spawned several sequels and there is a new version due out this year (2012)

For rules, I found a boardgame that someone created on Boardgame Geek. I plan on replacing the counters with the figures and giving it a try once I have everything painted

The figures themself are roughly 20mm tall, although how you measure the height on a worm is tricky to say the least. Here are the first figures painted, some standard worm troopers, a couple of horror based ones plus some additional things (including the dreaded homing sheep!)

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  1. lol nice minis and very happy memories of being crowded round my mates pc game. ninja roping round the terrain trying to find new toys.

    Was quite fond of Hogs Of War to on the Playstation 1