Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bushido: Zuba

Taking a brief rest from painting 15mm Gruntz figures, I decided to make a start on the Bushido starter set that I picked up at the UK Games Expo a couple weekends ago

The company were running playable demo games and my fellow gamer, Steve Jones, managed to get a game and passed on favourable comments. So, a purchase later and I have the Savage Wave set, which consists of Japanese style demons

As we are planning a quick walk through of the rules this evening at Wells, I finished off the oni & glued together the bakemono last night

click picture to enlarge

The oni is named Zuba and is cast as a single piece with just the horns separate to be glued on. He's a big lump of metal but paints up lovely. I painted him in the traditional colour of red that most oni are shown as and fixed him to a 50mm resin base that I had spare

I'll hopefully give a report of how the game runs in a day or two. If it plays well I may have to order some more......

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