Tuesday, 19 June 2012

7TV: Timelift Commander & Teddy Bears?!

As I'm on a 7TV theme at the moment, I decided to paint the Timelift commander figure from Crooked Dice to complete the squad I (currently) have. Seeing as he is based on Colonel White from Captain Scarlet, it seemed suitable to use that colour scheme

click picture to enlarge

Just one more Crooked Dice miniature left in the lead mountain to paint, a mutated scientist, so I will probably try and get him done in the next couple of days

Next up, I finished off a few figures that I bought on an impulse recently (are there any other purchases?) These are some Zulu teddy bears from Eureka Miniatures that I got through Fighting15's here in the UK

 click picture to enlarge

Now, you might ask yourself why did I get these? Simple, a year or so ago I got and painted the Rorke's Picnic British bears so they need something to go up against. This does mean I'm likely to need a lot more Zulu bears though....

Here is a picture of the previous British bears I painted

 click picture to enlarge

And the reason for the fight, a pot I bought from somewhere and painted (can't remember the manufacturer)


  1. nice work on the colonel been painting white myself yours look so smooth!

    Nice work on the Teddys as well not my cup of tea but I like what you've done with them

  2. Tip when painting white, under paint the area with a pale grey colour. When dry, you put the white over the top and it goes on looking smoother