Friday, 15 June 2012

Gruntz: Stat Cards

I'm still working my way through the painting of my remaining Gruntz justice force so no new updates at the moment. However, in preparation for gaming, I've started putting together some stat cards for my force

There is an official designer called Barracks that is being developed that I helped to fund, it is still a little ways off at the moment. Luckily a fellow Gruntz player has designed a free to use online designer called Grunt-o-matic. It is easy to use (you still need the rules of course) and produces some nice PDF files that you can print out

Here are a few I've started putting together. Some need descriptions adding and maybe a tweak here and there but you get the idea

1 comment:

  1. Those are some of my favourite cards on the Grunt'o'matic :)

    I'm the GoM's author but bizarrely I stumbled across this post searching to see if the D6Generation had ever done any Gruntz stuff - you're the 4th google hit for "thed6generation gruntz".

    I have no idea why!