Friday, 8 June 2012

Painting: Bases

If anyone is interested, here is how I go about doing my bases. I use this same basing technique for virtually all of my figures and scenery. Below are some objective markers I created for Warmachine showing the basing style

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I start with using white PVA glue painted onto the base then cover it with a sand/grit mix. I might add the odd larger bit of grit to represent stones

Once this is thoroughly dry (I leave overnight) I then paint over the sand with a brown emulsion colour and once again leave to dry. Next I give the base a drybrush using a lighter brown colour and then finish with an off white colour

The main emulsion colour is a Dulux household paint, Expresso Delight 1. I get a 250ml pot of this mixed for under £2 and it lasts for ages. This also means I can paint scenery to match, using the same paint, quite cheaply. The two drybrush colours are both cheap paints from the local craft shop at £1 each. The colours I use are Café and Ivory and the ones I have are both from the Anita's range

Finally I stick the odd patch of static grass to the base. The one I use is from Games Workshop as I bought a lot of it years ago when it was much cheaper. For special figures I also use Silflor grass tufts that I bought from Antenociti’s Workshop

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  1. Great idea about the Dulux mix for gaming. I use loads of Snakebite Leather (from the now, old GW range) and will look at getting a can made-up.