Monday, 11 February 2013

Mid-Somerset Wargames Club 17/1/2013

For this week, I wanted to try a game using a set of rules I had previously used for a large scale zombie game a few years ago. These were written to handle ten or more players but, for this game, only three players took part on a table roughly 3ft square. We had previously run games based on the Left4Dead computer game using Crooked Dice's 7TV rules but wanted to try these rules to see if they would give us a fast paced game. They did work but we felt they need a bit of work to tweak them to give a bit more of a challenge to the players

The scenery was from my modern building collection of Bachmann houses, self built tenements and printed & based roads from World Works Games that seem to get a lot of use

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The game was a simple affair, search the buildings to find the safe house. As usually happens this turned out to be the last one they went to!

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Whilst this was playing out, a historical skirmish game was playing on another table. I believe they were using the Muskets & Tomahawks rules but forgot to ask ..

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There were some lovely painted figures on show, I wish I'd taken more pictures

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