Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mid-Somerset Wargames Club 14/2/2013

Here's the usual photo report of the games that were happening at the Wells club last week. It was quite a quiet night, due to the date that it fell on I suspect a lot of club members thought it wise to stay at home :)

Steve Jones rolled out another playtest of his XCom game this week. Following the previous game, we decided to try a few rules changes. It followed the same format of a group of grunts (six this time) investigating the area and clearing it of any extraterrestrial activity

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The 4 foot by 4 foot table set-up this time included a small fuel refinery and pumping area

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The soldiers entered the table and split into two man fireteams, with a pair heading up onto a roof to snipe at anything seen. This proved very useful as they picked off multiple targets including Insectoids & Thin Men

The bad news came when a pair of scuttling Chrysalids appeared and proceeded to rip their way through two troopers. Only with concentrated fire & were they brought down and the soldiers decided to fall back to the evac with their wounded

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One thing we found in this test was opportunity fire had become too powerful, troopers could easily take down normal targets before they did anything. We will revert back to the original rules for the next game

The only other game that was being played this night was a Warhammer battle. This has to be the first time I've seen Warhammer played in a long time

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I unfortunately can't make the club this week so there won't be another photo report for two weeks

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