Monday, 11 February 2013

Mid-Somerset Wargames Club 10/1/2013

I thought I would post a few pictures of games that have happened at my local club over the past month or so. These are from the night of Thursday the 10th of January

Starting off with the first week of gaming (the first club night of the year is always the AGM) two separate games were played. A group of six of us played a game of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. This was a simple throw down of three Imperials facing off against three Rebels. As there were two players who hadn't played before I spent 20 minutes before the game running through the rules whilst Steve sorted out somewhat balanced sides. The game flowed really well with the two new players knowing the rules well enough after a couple of turns to be able to work things out for themselves. Due to some atrocious defence dice rolling, the game resulted in a major victory to the Rebels. Still, a highly enjoyable game

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This Imperial TIE pilot found himself in all sorts of trouble after powering up the table he got hit by a torpedo from the Y-Wing that knocked out his controls for the following turn. The result on the next turn wasn't very pleasant ..

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Whilst this game was happening, a large multiplayer 28mm Wild West shoot out was playing on the large organised game table. This was played using a set of club created Old West Skirmish rules. As a club, we have one of these games every other week to give members and visitors something to play

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