Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bushido: Bobata the Bell Ringer

With February marked as my 'paint odds & ends' month, I've been busily working away assembling & undercoating figures in the background, hence the lack of newly painted figures for a few days

However, the first one was completed last night and it was a biggie! Having only six figures to paint to clear all of the Bushido figures I decided that was something to target this month

So, here is my second oni, Bobata the Bell Ringer. Armed with a massive temple bell and sitting on a 50mm base, he is a brute of a figure. Assembly was a bit tricky, the arms & head were easy enough but the bell, coin & chain required a bit of careful pinning & gluing to get them in place as strongly as I could make them

click picture to enlarge

Painted over a black undercoat using old Citadel Foundation Mephiston Red as a base, P3 Khador red & highlight to build up his skin colour

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