Monday, 14 May 2012

Gruntz: Justice Department Vehicles

I spent a few hours over the weekend cleaning and assembling the vehicles that my Gruntz force will be using.

I wanted APCs with big fat tyres to fit in with the imagery from the Judge Dredd comics. Scanning about the 'net I decided upon the Bulldog troop transporters from Ground Zero Games. They are big and imposing enough to suit the justice department plus they do several versions which will be useful.

So, ready for painting in the near future, here are a pair of transports plus an open top version that will have a plasma cannon and crew mounted.

 click picture to enlarge

They assemble nicely but needed a bit of work to clean up some mould lines (the worse being the ones that run around the tyres and through the treads) I assembled them using Zap-a-Gap superglue as it fills any open joints. The antennae are simply lengths of paperclips cut to size.

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  1. Superb vehicles. Really want to see them painted.