Friday, 18 May 2012

7TV: The Bureau Episode 1

I was hoping to have some more painted Gruntz figures for this update but I have somehow contracted an infection in my hand that means painting isn't possible right now

So instead, here is a report of a 7TV game that we played at Wells last week. The plot was developed by Steve Jones with myself adding support & figures. The figures used were a mixture of official 7TV ones from Crooked Dice & others from Killer-B's Geezers range

The Bureau, Episode 1

'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

Top operatives Steed Noble and Tamara King are sent by The Bureau on a routine mission to interview local journalist, Jed Archer about mysterious crop circles in the Wiltshire countryside. But all is not what it seems and what they learn leads to a frantic race to avoid catastrophe!

The scene: a sleepy English village 

Our heroes, together with their loyal driver arrive and meet with the journalist at the local inn. They are informed of the mysterious crop circles found on the land of one farmer and go to investigate his farmhouse to learn more

The farmhouse seems quite, but why is the farmer asleep on the table?

Once they enter the house they discover the unconscious farmer's wife and farmer Giles who is paralysed. At this point a mysterious stranger with a briefcase makes a break out of the door and across the fields

The stranger is aided by a burly henchman who joins Arthur Binks, the operatives driver, in the ancient English art of fisticuffs

Meanwhile, the stranger summons, from the cornfield, an animated scarecrow to intercept our heroes. The journalist is grabbed but Noble repels the beast with his miniature flamethrower mounted in his tie

This is enough of a delay to enable the stranger to escape whilst leaving a chilling warning 'I know you Steed Noble!'

The heroes recover their injured colleagues and lead the captured henchman away for questioning. Roll end credits....


  1. Superb!
    Interesting, why guy in glasses remind me one of commentators from Death Race 2000 (that guy who was smashed by Frankenstein car at the end)? :)