Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Gruntz is a set of squad based fast play sci-fi rules specifically designed for 15mm figures. I'm building a force for use at Wells, based on the Judge Dredd setting

Most of the figures are from the old Laserburn range, now sold by 15mm.co.uk as they need very little work. The initial force contains two units of street judges, complete with support weapon attachments, a med judge with robot and Hammerstein who will act as a mecha. He is from Foundry's 28mm range but is suitably imposing with the 15mm figures

click picture to enlarge

I'll be adding some heavy judges in riot armour, judges on Lawmaster bikes plus some vehicles in the near future

The movement trays are from Warbases and will be textured later. I don't really need them but it will make squad moving easier. I need to get a few extras just to cover the remaining figures...


  1. They look really, really cool.

    Cant wait to kill them up.


  2. I really like the minis and group basing