Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gruntz: Judge Anderson

My small order of odds & ends arrived from over the last weekend and it included some figures to allow me to build some command & specialist bases for my Gruntz justice department force

My main commander, will of course, be Judge Dredd himself. He will be suitably based next to his Lawmaster bike, but that will be for a few days time. As an alternative or maybe a specialist I thought I would try and create a figure to represent Psi Judge Anderson who has to be the most iconic Judge after Dredd himself

There isn't a figure in the range that is a straight copy of her so I have had to do a bit of conversion work to get a suitable result. Luckily they do have a female sentinel law officer figure (124 on the left below) but she is wearing a helmet which Anderson rarely does. So searching I found a female heroine figure (104 on the right below) in the adventurer section that could donate her head

It was a simple case to snip off the two heads and then pin the new one onto the law officer. The figure was then based on a 2p coin & painted the same colour scheme as the rest of the force but now with her iconic blond hair. When I spec her using the new version of the Gruntz rules, I shall of course be giving her the telepathy perk

click picture to enlarge


  1. That's good and turned out well!

  2. WOW! Great idea! I need to order these 2 figure to make a headswap!