Saturday, 8 June 2013


Once again things seem to have turned against me doing any painting or gaming, just when I thought I was getting back into the swing

Last weekend I had what I thought was a side strain after doing some gardening and didn't think much of it. Tuesday night I was in agony, sharp stabbing pains and awake all night. I went immediately to the doctor's Wednesday morning and by lunchtime I was in hospital

Thursday my body said goodbye to it's appendix as they were surgically separated from one another, yep it was an acute appendicitis

Well, I'm now home but thanks to three keyhole openings in my abdomen sitting is rather painful so I'm not sure when I'll be wielding a brush anytime soon <sigh>

Still, it has to be better than a burst appendix at least  

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  1. Bloody hell! Get well soon mate. I suppose this illustrates the perils of gardening over painting!!! ;-)