Friday, 28 June 2013

LotR: Dwarf Archers

Finishing off the bases on the last few figures I've just finished, these Lord of the Rings dwarves catch me right up to date

As with the recent Moria drum set, I picked these metal figures up cheap off of eBay. They were already painted but I stripped them back to the metal & started again with them. I tried using acetone first, something I have had good success with in the past, but that didn't shift anything. In the end I bought some Tetrion paint stripper from a local DIY establishment. A soak over night and a quick going over with an old toothbrush did the trick

click picture to enlarge

Here's the photo of the same figures as I bought them. Shows that underneath any paintjob a decent figure can still lurk

I do seem to be jumping about with random things as usual but these are things that have been sitting on the painting table waiting to be done for a while


  1. What a transformation! Great job Sir.

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