Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dark Age: Saint Mary

I probably count myself more of a painter than a gamer, I just like painting figures. Yes, I even do it to relax, which might sound a bit strange ..

I quite often buy odd miniatures from systems, I'm very unlikely to game, just to paint them. Dark Age is one of those games I'm unlikely to do much with but will happily pick up figures to paint. They are really nice with plenty of detail & character

Despite the name, it's a futuristic based setting where human factions and aliens battle on a long forgotten distant planet. This one is from a religious group called the Forsaken, a sort of futuristic crusade gone wrong. There are various characters called saints with plenty of cannon fodder lesser troops. This figure is one of the character types and is called Saint Mary

click picture to enlarge

Here are a couple of other figures I've painted previously from the Dark Age range, both from the Skarrd faction