Monday, 12 November 2012

The Big Bang Theory

Recently I discovered the brilliant comedy series, The Big Bang Theory. For some reason, the show had slipped under my radar, and I never started watching it until season 4. Having now caught up with most of the repeats, I'm eagerly awaiting the start of the new season, on E4 this Thursday, here in the UK

It contains so many references to shows & cultures that I enjoy, computer gaming, Star Wars, Star Trek, boardgames amongst others. Wrap all of this up with some excellent comedy writing and it ticks all my boxes!

So, you may ask, where is this heading on a wargames blog? Simple, Attica Games have released a set of five figures called the 'graduates' that bear a striking similarity to the cast. I had to have them & paint them....

click picture to enlarge

Now, they just need to add two more female figures for Amy & Bernadette


  1. I wish I had a reason to get these.... but the backlog would make that quite unwise..... I still might get them though.

  2. I wanted to like the show, but "nerdy" about it feels so forced, and it really just follows the standard format of most sitcoms. Having said that, I still may pick up the Sheldon figure. I would likely zombify him however.

  3. The miniatures just seem too anorexic for me (or insert eating disorder of your choice - dont want to offend anorexics)

  4. Great looking figures and paintjobs, Not something I watch personally just don't get the time unfortunately.