Monday, 19 November 2012

7TV: A Couple More

I seem to have slowed up painting the last week or two. I can't really put my finger on the reason though. Maybe it's the darker evenings and just wanting to sit down when I get in from work?

Still, I forced myself to start painting again over the weekend. As I didn't go to Warfare this year (a decision made as I have plenty to paint en-hand as it is) I grabbed a few new Crooked Dice 7TV figures that I had arrive recently

First up is one of the not-Angel pilots, Katrina Dare. Painted in the scheme that is reminiscent of the show she is taken from. I must get the other two figures they do and add to the set sometime...

click picture to enlarge

The other figure I painted is one of their arch villains, Dr Ulysses Argo, complete with his electro gauntlets

click picture to enlarge

I must try and keep up the painting now I have started again  :/


  1. Good work , and really nice paint

  2. Nice work. I need to catch up with my Crooked Dice collection so many great releases!