Thursday, 29 November 2012

7TV: Jolly Hockey Sticks

A week since the last post? The reason was a nasty stomach bug that hit me for several days, I was even off work with it :(

Anyway, picking the latest random selection of figures to be painted, I went for a pair of similarly themed figures from different manufacturers. The theme being schoolgirl hockey players (don't ask..)

First up, and the figure that prompted both of these to be done, is Mysty from Crooked Dice. She appears in their latest ZombieTV supplement, For Ghouls & Colleges

click picture to enlarge
At the same time as this figure was released I found the following zombie survivor available from Fantascape. She is a big girl, and the hockey stick is more ice rather than field, but I think she fits in nicely. The zombie head is a nice touch!
click picture to enlarge
Hopefully I've seen the back of the bug and can get some serious painting in now...


  1. They are both lovely paintjobs any chance of a size comparison shot of the two gals together?

  2. Very cool girls, and a cool theme.
    I would also like to see a comparison shot.