Monday, 20 August 2012

7TV: More Painted Characters

As my break from the Dystopian Wars painting, I stepped up to my favourite figure scale of 28mm. I had a few new figures from Crooked Dice recently that needed to be done so I took the opportunity over the weekend to get them painted

Here are the Man From 2000, Hugo Soloman and a Daughter of Shiva

 click picture to enlarge

I've basically followed the Crooked Dice paint schemes for the first couple, they are based on existing characters so it made sense. The Daughter of Shiva I've given a more subdued colour scheme though as it should make her fit into other things that I have planned

I finished the bases of these last night after returning from a monthly Sunday boardgame session at Wells. Invasion From Outer Space resulted in a win for the invaders on the last game turn whereas I somehow managed to win the Killer Bunnies card game despite my first three bunnies dying out as soon as they were brought out 

Next up, maybe one or two more 28mm's before dropping back to Dystopian Wars scale


  1. Very nice. I have the man from 2000. Yet to pick up some of the other new releases

  2. Great job, love the lilac shirt on Hugo.