Wednesday, 1 August 2012

7TV: Robots

A couple of weeks ago, Armorcast added some familiar looking robots to their online shop for a limited period of time. These are usually only available from their stand at conventions, obviously meaning being here in the UK I was unlikely to get hold of any. Seeing as they were only available for a few days, I jumped in and purchased the ones I wanted. Delivery was very good, they took a week maximum to arrive here

Anyone who has watched Futurama will recognise the basis for these miniatures. They were all multipart metal castings, the outer pair needing the heads attaching, whilst the middle one (named 'Folder' by Armorcast) needed arms & legs fitting. I attached the figures to some nice 30mm resin bases I had bought previously from Fenris games

click picture to enlarge

I've tagged these under the 7TV label, I'm not sure where they will get used but the 7TV rules are likely to be the best option


  1. They look great, I didn't realise they were only available for a limited period of time when I saw them on the site...