Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Land Force 1

My latest painting has been aimed towards that Dystopian Wars Prussian land force box that I mentioned previously. Breaking the seal and emptying the contents out made me realise how much was in there and in need of painting. Because of this, I decided to break the task down into several groups to make things a bit easier and less daunting

Once washed and cleaned I glued the medium tanks & bombards onto the supplied acrylic bases. They were then undercoated black and painted using a similar colour scheme to one of the Metzger robots I had done previously. Grabbing the Vallejo field grey paint, everything got a base coat before highlighting with a mix of the grey with a touch of white added. Details were painted on in bronze and gun metal. I thought of adding markings but have left them plain for now

To finish them off I gave the bases a coating of fine sand and added small clumps of static grass following my basing technique

So, here are the A-6V medium tanks and the B3-S medium bombards

click picture to enlarge

click picture to enlarge

That leaves the landship and the small tanks to be done

Also today, I received a delivery from The Warstore of some new dice especially for my Dystopian Prussian forces. I thought I would treat myself :)


  1. Very nice. Those dice look rather fab as well.

  2. Great looking minis - looks like I'm going to have break out my rising sun stuff to keep pace in the dystopian arms race :)