Monday, 9 July 2012

Worms: Part 3

A good weekend on the painting front resulted in the last of the worms figures painted and finished. I now have enough worms for five players, each having four worms, or less with some spares to swap out

So, the final worms are; female & male Hellraiser worms plus Frankenstein worm

click picture to enlarge

Classic mummy worm, leatherface worm with chainsaw & shape-shifting T2 cop worm

click picture to enlarge

The last to be finished is Jason worm and another sheep missile

click picture to enlarge

I've also managed to source some cheap resin barrels via eBay. When they arrive I'll get them painted and make up some landmine markers, that will be everything I need for the game. All I need to do is print out the map, cards etc

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  1. LOL these are ace and nice paint jobs to boot